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For 20 years through our respective companies we have worked in both B2C and B2B hospitality and luxury Italy travel industry and high end clients. Since both our companies started specialising in destination Italy travel, we have listened to discerning clients, we have heard what they, their travel organisers and PAs hunger to find when researching travel and lifestyle plans for Italy, including Italian hotels and luxury Italy tours.  We noticed a distinct gap in the market place as we experienced it regularly first hand when trying to source luxury high-end experiences for clients. While there were resources to find budget and mid range venues and travel information there was a distinct lack of one, central resource which dealt only with the high-end luxury Italy travel market.
We also have vast experience from the ‘other side’. Through our PR and marketing experience we know what the hospitality and luxury market needs to do to reach the high-end client market. Through our separate consultancy PR and events companies we have successfully helped clients in the hospitality and luxury market to reach their target audiences.
Now we are combining our experiences. Our aim is to offer an all encompassing 360′ marketing and PR service that will complement your in-house PR and marketing. For our Envy VIP Members in the hospitality and luxury market who wish to reach high-end inbound destination clients, we will:
  • Work closely with your in-house marketing person/team – we listen to what you wish to achieve and stay in communication throughout the year.
  • We create a bespoke PR and marketing plan to work on through the year with you.
  • Through targeted advertising in our Envy Italy magazines, website and social media we reach your target market clients through our unique international distribution channels.
  • Through our fam trips for luxury travel agents, wedding planners we connect you with the right people who can bring you the clients.
  • Through our  media outreach program we get the luxury press talking about you and offering unique insight into what you have to offer the right clients.


We are not a replacement to your current marketing efforts but we are an enhancement to them, we become part of your team.
Our aim is to create lasting long term relationships with our VIP members to help you reach your target goals and target clients who want luxury Italy travel experiences.
So let us take the guess work out of it, make Envy Italy part of your team to reach your target goals.
We look forward to working with you!

Rosie and Sharon

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