When you enter the workshop and gallery Lucia Volentieri in Castillina in Chianti you are immediately transported into another world, one filled with heavenly handcrafted delights. Unique creations modelled in clay and porcelain are elegantly displayed each catching the eye in different intriguing ways.

Lucia’s masterful interpretations of real places are reinvented in the forms of ceramic cubes.  These thought provoking scenes capture miniature country views of farms, gardens, cypresses and haystacks.


Each ceramic cubes is entirely hand made and magically depict authentic places, houses, landscapes and memories.  Popular with owners of Tuscan houses, these scenes are both playful and nostalgic. The colours of the cubes that form memorising compositions can also be seen in her other designs such as sculptures and vases.

Lucia’s ability to take a moderately simple subject and turn it into a mesmerising piece of art is evident in all her creations.  Vases, sculptures and artistic forms feature intriguing finishes and glazes that play tricks with the light.

Tuscan born Lucia graduated from art school in 1985, and in 1987 was offered an apprenticeship by the master craftsman Giuseppe Fontana, in Castellina in Chianti.

In 1989 she opened her own workshop in Poggibonsi and in that same year spent a month in Gijón (Spain), at the school of “Texture” ceramics, where she enriched her training and learned the technique of Raku. With this technique she experimented with rough and metallic surfaces on refractory mixtures. Often, thanks to memories of playful moments spent in her father’s mechanical workshop during her teens, she combines structures made of iron, steel and brass with ceramic elements.

“I’ve always loved nature and the wonderful Tuscan countryside. In 1992 I transferred my workshop to Castellina in Chianti. I spent several years working there, mainly creating tableware with delicate under-glaze decoration, continuing with the evolution of my “Modular Landscape”, an idea conceived way back in 1983. At the same time, I continued experimenting with a wide variety of techniques and studying forms and shapes.”

More recently she has devoted increasing attention and creative space to porcelain and the use of high temperatures that create exciting effects and diverse finishes. To visit Lucia’s studio or gallery or to commission a personal modular landscape or sculpture go to www.luciavolentieri.com