This property for sale in Italy is an estate which covers a total area of about 75 ha. in the heart of the Val d’Orcia, in a pristine natural setting of rare beauty. On the estate, there are three beautifully restored farmhouses, two ponds, a riding school with horse stables, a spa, a panoramic swimming pool, hot tubs, a renowned restaurant and about 30 ha. of olive grove with over 7,500 trees and production of excellent quality organic oil. The farmlands have a hilly position, with the typical gullies of the Val d’Orcia and mostly south-facing. Currently the land is mainly set as olive grove, as the cultivation of olive trees in this area can give a product of the highest quality thanks to the temperature differential between day and night in summer and autumn periods. Some arable crops are currently used for the production of forage for horse feed.

In addition to agricultural activity, two houses of the Casa Baccano nucleus, offer accommodation and the opportunity of tourist activities to be carried out with a total of 13 double rooms, large living areas, a swimming pool and a wellness centre. The exclusive Tuscan Equestrian resort has four bedrooms and two equestrian-themed apartments. Here, horse trekking, horse riding lessons and team-building activities are all possible. The Tuscan Equestrian has a fenced paddock of over 5 ha. where horses can move freely day and night thanks to special shelters. The estate houses the gourmet restaurant Extravergine, which offers delicious Tuscan lunches, dinners and snacks with the supervision of Chef Consultant Riccardo Benvenuti. It is also possible to purchase an additional 115 ha. with a 700 sq. m farmhouse in need of renovation.