Life is too short not to live it to the maximum! Here we have created unique and exclusive ways of experiencing Italy. Whether it’s someone you want to impress (a proposal perhaps or potential client) or just something different for your next luxury vacation in Italy, we have you covered!

Italy’s Oldest Sweet Shop

The Pietro Romanengo shop in Genoa is the same it was the day of its opening in 1814. In spring, the factory becomes dedicated to the processing of fresh roses.

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Three days in Rome

Only got three days in Rome? Envy Italy’s guide to experiencing the essence of the city and it’s historical sites during a short stay in Rome.

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Photography: Essence of Venice

Envy Italy Magazine chats with renowned fashion and fine art photographer Michael David Adams, about his work and his recent luxury, lifestyle shoot in Venice.

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Luxury Italian Interior Design: Busatti

One of Italy’s noble luxury artisan producers, Busatti has a vibrant and varied history, with the thread of the textile industry and commerce weaving through the generations. Arriving in Anghiari, Italy in 1755, the Busatti family established a successful market...

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Florentine Chianti Road Trip

A full-day road trip in the heart of Chianti wine region, weaving your way around the hills of undulating vineyards dotted with private villas, fortified castles and medieval villages.

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