This luxury property in Italy is surrounded by a spectacular five hectares of grounds and is a fabulous investment for anyone looking for luxury real estate in Italy. This majestic luxury castle in Lombardy, Italy is one and it is the largest of this region. It is totally surrounded by medieval walls and protected by a fosse, this building is spellbinding with an impact that immediately recalls the imagery of fairy tales.
The façade of this enchanting residence is characterised by a crenelated central tower on which we find the family coat of arms which is probably the most outstanding feature of this fortification. An alleyway that crosses the park allows a magnificent view of the castle while approaching the main entrance.
A wood and iron bridge is what remains of the original lift bridge. The present features of this castle for sale in Milan is the result of numerous architectonic interventions during the centuries that have carefully preserved the most valuable historic and prestigious characteristics of this property.
Inside we still find the keepers lodgings, the original windows along the walls, the great halls, the stables, the slaughter house, large cellars, the medieval chapel dedicated to Saint Vittoria with gothic, late romantic details and the private family graveyard. The Italian style formal garden, to the side of the main alleyway, is perfectly kept with luxuriant flower beds and rose bushes.
The enormous cone shaped 1800s pond, with different depths is enriched by seats and fountains with current water.
Inside we find numerous rooms and halls of various dimensions distributed on different floors, decorated in neoclassical style of ancient Roman and Greek influence. In this unique property we also find precious frescoed and vaulted ceilings, imposing columns alongside the hall walls, perfectly preserved decorations, marble statues and mosaic flooring. This luxury real estate property in Italy is a true rarity for its magnitude and perfect conservation.