One of Italy’s noble luxury artisan producers, Busatti has a vibrant and varied history, with the thread of the textile industry and commerce weaving through the generations.

Arriving in Anghiari, Italy in 1755, the Busatti family established a successful market within the castle walls. A second stall followed outside of the town, laying the foundations for centuries of ongoing Italian business growth. Located in Palazzo Morgalanti since 1795, the family began spinning wool in the basement of the building during the Napoleonic War.

Over the years, Busatti’s weaving mills have manufactured uniforms for armies, blankets for monasteries and hospitals, tailored suits for dignitaries and hand-stitched bed linens for royalty and film stars. Busatti is recognised for its exceptional quality and attention to detail, which can be seen in hand-stitched embroideries and intricate laces. Harnessing age-old Renaissance traditions, Busatti produces luxury Italian tableware, bed linens, bath and kitchenware in Italy.

“We are like a cypress, which pushes its roots deep, while pointing clearly to the sky.” – I Vassalletti