A fresh-thinking and dynamic duo, Italian architects Gianni and Paola Tanini created this innovative brand in 1989, raising the game of bathroom design to a whole new level of luxury Italian interior design.

Using only the finest materials and superlative craftsmanship combined with a remarkable attention to detail and an architectural eye, the partnership became an international success. A true ambassador, in every sense, for the ‘Made in Italy’ signature, Devon & Devon takes a broad approach to design, embracing the bigger picture while remaining focused on the minutiae. Devon & Devon reinterprets the aesthetic traditions of the past in its own unique and original style with an unmistakable contemporary, classic look. The result is an elegant, eclectic symbiosis of art deco, belle époque, Victorian and Florentine Renaissance style, also reminiscent of the the Jazz Age and exquisitely Hollywood-style atmospheres.

Each individual piece of furniture is immaculately made using opulent materials such as granites, marbles and high-gloss veneers, perfectly suited to the sleek, contemporary interiors favoured by Devon & Devon.