For over 20 years Italian artist and designer Francesco Perini has been meticulously crafting exquisite luxury Italian wood floors which are, in essence, original pieces of art. Linking traditional craft to modern luxury, through passionate artistic endeavour, Perini brings large-scale, bespoke designs to interiors all around the world. Located in San Giovanni Valdarno, Florence, Perini’s company I Vassalletti integrates its complex designs within timber, introducing materials such as marble, stone, metal and leather. Drawing inspiration from the natural elements, fire, earth, air and water, and from Tuscany’s ever-contrasting landscapes, Perini’s works can also be found in furniture form.

Each of Perini’s pieces is influenced by passion and a constant search for beauty. His fine marquetries, wood floors and bespoke furnishings provide unique in-built art-forms for prestigious luxury properties in Italy and worldwide.