Italy’s most historic restaurant, Sabatini Firenze is starting the 2019 season with a flourish by unveiling its exciting new food philosophy. A fresh and innovative idea that combines Sabatini’s classic Florentine roots with a more elegant and contemporary dining experience. Envy Italy visits the restaurant that has been on the gourmet map of Italy for over 100 years.

Italy’s most iconic restaurant, Sabatini Firenze has played host to some of the world’s most glamorous guests since its establishment in1914. Presidents, actors, musicians and all manner of Hollywood glitterati have dined at this historic and famous venue.  Situated just a few steps from the beautiful Piazza di Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Sabatini Firenze is steeped in a rich history, notable heritage and vibrant Florentine culture.

The only restaurant in Italy protected by the Italian Fine Arts Department, Sabatini Firenze has endured challenging times such as WWII and the restaurant has even successfully weathered the volatile rise and fall of the Italian economy.



Known for its theatrical flambé menu it could be said that Sabatini has proved itself to be as much a part of Tuscan culture as Brunello di Montalcino and Bistecca Fiorentina.

While nostalgic history and classic architecture may appeal to many visitors, there is also a new breed of gourmet traveller looking for something a little more refined, innovative and imaginative.

Sabatini Firenze’s new lease of life is being masterminded by its new owner Julian Golemi. A young and inspiring Florentine businessman, Golemi has several successful hospitality enterprises and restaurants in Tuscany alongside businesses in other industries in Italy. Having appointed a team of skilled restaurant staff including restaurant manager Paolo Manoni – formerly of La Bottega del Buon Caffè, Sabatini Firenze has taken on an entirely fresh food philosophy, offering its customers a menu that blends the best of both classic and contemporary Florentine flavours.

Owner Julian Golemi reveals his plans for Sabatini Firenze “We understand that in today’s world, many travellers are looking for less traditional or old-school dining experiences, they appreciate a fresh approach. Our team of talented chefs have created a menu and style that reflects the desires of a discerning and international clientele.”

Sabatini Firenze’s iconic sense of glamour remains true to its roots yet, this famous restaurant now offers a more sophisticated dining experience that sits perfectly within Florence’s vibrant gastro culture. Throughout 2019 the restaurant will play host to exclusive events including cocktail evenings, art exhibitions, live music, wine pairing, literary events and VIP dining experiences.

Sabatini is clearly enjoying a positive revival, having proactively entered a new era of fine-dining, where customers can enjoy exceptional cuisine in a sophisticated, yet timeless environment in the very heart of Florence. Chef Alessio Mori explains “Our aims for Sabatini – Firenze are to introduce our guests to a fresh food philosophy, one where the seasonal menu takes centre stage and the ingredients steal the show”.