The streets of Florence are alive with artisans, designers, craftspeople and creative spirits.  A vibrant energy pulses through the city, young artisans are embracing ancient skills and celebrating the diverse melting pot of heritage, design and passion. A proud example of contemporary craft at its best is displayed in the ‘edgy’ designs produced by Super Duper Hats.

A collection of creative minds and artistic skills Super Duper Hats is the brain-child of Ilaria Cornacchini, Veronica Cornacchini and Matteo Gioli.

Born out of a sense of fun and the magical discovery of a unique wooden hat block. The three artisans have embraced the authenticity that this practical yet beautiful carved object represents.

With a combined passion for fashion, music, design, dance, textiles and technology Super Duper Hats have adopted ancient millinery techniques and boldly use traditional skills to produce eye-catching, contemporary hats in their studio in Florence.

Super Duper Hats are the perfect example of the urban artisan, fusing old-school crafts with modern ideas and state-of the art fashion design.