Skye McAlpine’s Secret Venice, Italy

Skye McAlpine, author of ‘A Table in Venice’, gives an insiders guide to the best places to go, see and where to eat in Venice including lots of hidden gems. The best way to experience Venice, Italy.

Palazzo Venart, Venice, Italy

A glorious five-star hotel in Italy, Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel is made up of 18 beautifully appointed and furnished rooms and suites, each one based on a unique aspect of Venetian history and culture. With an oasis like garden which opens directly onto the Grand Canal

Veneto is one of the wealthiest, most developed regions in Italy. The region is best-known
to tourists because of  its capital, Venice. Over 60 million tourists visit the Veneto region every year!). Historically agricultural, the Veneto has boomed ever since the 1970s; it is not the third-richest regions after Lombardy and Lazio.
While tourism and industry are important here, agriculture still plays a big part, and it produces some of Italy’s most famous wines, including Prosecco, Valpolicella, and Soave.
Top towns to visit here for their beauty, art and architecture include Venice, Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Padua.